We convert voice into text using AI, machine learning, natural language processing and sentiment with amazing accuracy and almost instant speed. As you can imagine, the opportunities for applications are almost endless.

Across Australia today, Boxer Live is making a difference across multiple specialised sectors.

We’ve been able to overcome accessibility challenges of the past by deploying speech technology that is easily adopted to help individuals with inclusion, make others more productive and significantly reduce time and costs. Below are several industry examples.

Schools and Tertiary Education

Assisting students with disability to have access to the same opportunities and choices in their education that are available to students without disability

Corporate Events

Powerful, fast and accurate live captioning for any venue, virtual or hybrid event around Australia

Legal Virtual Paralegal

A virtual paralegal to capture 100% of information during every client meeting at a fraction of the cost.


Finally, Australian schools have access to instant live captioning technology to help students with hearing loss

The cost and operational impracticalities of using stenographers in schools around Australia on an everyday basis has restricted schools from adopting captioning technology in the past.

We’re pleased to say that this is now a thing of the past.

Today, Boxer installs software onto teacher’s laptops quickly, they clip on a discreet lapel microphone and press start on the software.

Immediately the students are able to follow the captions on any mobile device without having to install any software. Teachers are then able to distribute an instant transcript of the lesson, so students can study course provided textbooks at night but also review any example, case study or fact discussed in class.

Accessibility meets learning outcomes technology.

Our solution is already deployed into schools and is ready to be installed into any campus around Australia.

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Corporate Events

Real-time AI powered Live Captioning for Australian Conferences and Events

Participate, rather than simply attend the event.

For years, accessibility services have been limited to deaf and hard of hearing events. Many attendees including those with autism, auditory processing disorder (APD), poor concentration, second language challenges and more have struggled, so we remove the traditional barriers to allow this amazing technology to help everyone, at every event.

Seamless integration into audio visual systems allows speakers on any microphone at the event to be instantly and accurately live captioned.

Delegates require no software on their devices to view the captions and they can also be overlaid across any section of the big screens in the room.

Finally, delegates can take away not only the PowerPoint slides from their favorite speaker, but also a full transcript of the session.

Today we support Telstra’s national events, Australian Financial Review and a large number of event and audio visual providers as partners.

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Legal Virtual Paralegal

Deploy Boxer Live as a Virtual Paralegal

Most law firms do not have the luxury of having a paralegal attend every client meeting, yet so much information is shared and much is lost as lawyers try to capture all the perceived key points.

By retrofitting our education and events technology, we’re able to deploy our solution to act as a virtual paralegal.

An advanced, real-time speech recognition and transcription technology, it functions like an AI virtual paralegal, allowing lawyers to capture 100% of information in these client and staff meetings, conference calls, videos, videoconferences and more.

Provided as an annual subscription, you can instantly transcribe anything, every minute of every day across a 12 month period, all included in the package.

Staff will also be able to use it as personal dictation software. The platform requires no individual voice training, so it is effective to transcribe staff, customers and partners with a broad range of accents.


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