We bring transcription to the core of our solution rather than simply adding it on and this changes everything for our customers

Our solution is trusted by many organisations, has been chosen by SME’s, & MNC’s in Australia and around the region including Telstra, The Australian Financial Review, Law Firms and Schools.

Boxer Live

Real-time transcription & captions engine

Boxer Analytics

Speech and Text Analytics

Boxer Live

Real-time transcription & captions engine

We want to use Boxer Live to change the world.

In Australia, 4.4% of people require wheelchair access and there’s a ramp in most buildings, as there should be. Yet 1 in 6 Australians are effected by hearing loss of some kind.

At a Telstra conference, Australian Financial Review Business Summit, in a law firm boardroom or in a school or University, Boxer Live shines.

By providing accessible, quickly deployed live captioning for every child in school, every student in tertiary education and every attendee in conference rooms around Australia who experience deafness, hearing difficulty or learning and comprehension challenges, we know we can have a positive impact on people who need it.

With Boxer Live, we deliver live captioning from any audio source and present it to the student or delegate on any mobile device without the need for them to download and install any software.

We strongly and passionately believe that we’re entering into a new phase, where the best days of traditional solutions are behind, and innovative, disruptive Australian delivered ones such as ours are ahead.

We bring transcription to the core of our solution rather than simply adding it on, and this changes everything for our customers.

Our philosophy is a simple one, and coupled with our goals, can be summarised as follows:

  • Allow mainstream accessibility in every situation
  • Provide the tools for everyone to have the same opportunity as others using technology
  • Deliver amazing support and service
  • Provide Australian led innovation
  • Use the power of voice and data captured on our platform to not only deliver accessibility captioning, but help achieve learning based outcomes

Boxer Analytics

Speech and Text Analytics

Boxer-Analytics is powered by one of the most respected and innovate voice and data recording engines on the market today, Liquid Voice.

It’s an enterprise voice and data analytics platform with an advanced transcription engine at its core that records, transcribes and analyses voice and data in the cloud in our Australian-based datacentre or within a customer’s existing infrastructure.

Boxer-Analytics combines the world’s best transcription technology with a powerful toolset and proven analytical methods enabling financial markets, contact centres, small to large and safety critical organisations to handle high volumes of data with ease. The transcription engine uses deep neural networks to achieve an average accuracy of 85% on recordings. It has been independently benchmarked and consistently outperforms other leading systems.

Once Boxer-Analytics converts voice and data into text, it’s stored within its database where customers can use speech analytics toolsets to utilise that data in meaningful. These tools help the customer to understand their business, people and customers better.

With data driven insights available, the analytics engine allows customer leadership teams to proactively and automatically understand customer sentiment, predict customer churn events, customer acquisition events and enforce compliance and regulatory processes.

Key benefits

Reduce Risk – with the ability to analyse every single interaction and ensure that it complies to your compliance obligations and best practices.

Reduce Churn – by being able to spot individual indicators of customer satisfaction issues and flagging these, as well as being able to identify trends in customer behaviour and preferences so you can better align your service to customer needs and expectations.

Expedite Action – by analysing interactions immediately and through process automation, being able to instantly alert those people that need to address issues with compliance, process or customer satisfaction.

Unlock Value – through being able to analyse the big picture and gain a holistic perspective of your operation to be able to spot trends, identify issues affecting your performance and potential opportunities that present value to your organisation.